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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and for me that is defined as adventure. It pushes me to test my boundaries and test my limits to go further, faster and higher. My life is my defined by this pursuit to create the magic moments of life.

X-Alps is a paragliding race that forces you to test yourself and your limits and that is why i continue to participate. I constantly try to break paragliding world distance records and fly new manouveurs. I thrive by learning and enjoy every line I push whether it be trail running on rugged peaks or ski touring in deep powder.


The challenges of learning something new is to me almost addictive. If it is playing with the wind and with the water in hydrofoil-kiting or the technical precision in flying helicopters. I want to learn more. I don't fear the unknown, i desire it.


Experience Presentation

Red Bull X-Alps

I couldn't have dreamed up a better start to the Red Bull X-Alps 2021: At the side of Chrigel Maurer, the dominator of the last years, I flew away from everyone. Then came Martigny, where I hesitated a few seconds too long and finally downwinds literally pulled me down into the depths. 1500 meters of altitude were gone and I fell from 2nd to 6th place. The absolute horror! But today I know: Without this mistake I would probably not have made it to the podium. Because I didn't let it pull me down like the wind, but drew my conclusions from it - a lesson for life and one of many #magicmoments at the Red Bull X-Alps. In my speech I will take you with me on this flight into unexpected spheres!

price on request 



Specialized Speeches for Executives

What can you as a company learn from an extreme athlete like me? A great deal, I am convinced.Working in a goal-oriented way, mastering unexpected challenges, pushing boundaries, working in a team under stress - the parallels are manifold. Here are my offers for you!

Talking Business

The way to deal with errors

The potential of exploiting setbacks

What to do in the moment, when you realize that you made a capital mistake?


Thanks to my first hand experience during the world’s toughest adventure race, the Red Bull X-Alps, I can explain to you how I managed to go on after making a tremendous mistake, being pushed down to the ground by the wind and losing important positions in the race.

With the right approach, errors can be quickly checked off, analized with distance, and finally, you can take out the learning behind it.


I will introduce to you my experience  and explain how a kickback can become a booster. Thanks to the learning I made out of the mistake, I finally could reach 2nd place at the Red Bull X-alps.


How you start the fire in others with passion

How is it possible to motivate a new young team to achieve high performance under extreme conditions? 


I can introduce you to the art of intrinsic motivation and show you how I managed to lead a team of volunteers to unimagined heights. In an adventure race like the X-Alps, extreme situations are the rules, not the exception. Not enough sleeping time, nasty conditions, stress - those are just a few examples that can bring out conflicts. Which are the strategies and the solutions that our team used?


Only when every member of the team can work together, it’s possible to get top results. A team has to cope with kickbacks, in ideal situations mistakes should spread a lot of positive energy, only so it can work!


Taking risks doesn’t mean losing control

Those who act risk. And those who want to be successful risk even more. But where are the limits? Where does the risk lust end and where does carelessness start?


The X-Alps is the world's toughest adventure race. Who wants to be good, must take risks. But it doesn’t have to go beyond its limits, otherwise it is too dangerous. I can show you how you can learn to know your own limits, how to expand them and to redefine them.


The ability to assess risks well even under pressure is the supreme discipline in risk management. I could prove it more and more in the toughest adventure race, and I could reveal to you my secrets!




Flying for Freaks

You love to fly, but you would love to leave your comfort zone? To discover a new area? You are here just right! I can show you how you can start safely  by yourself with stronger wind. Or I can help you to discover the art of flying long distances. Or I can even take you to an unforgettable HikeandFly in your desired region.

Let’s go on an adventure together!

price on request


Tandem Flights for Curious

Over the clouds the uncertainty for most is without limits. Not for me. I am at ease as if I am home. Would you like to take a look, are you curious but inexperienced? Book now a tandem flight, an unforgettable experience and maybe the start of a new passion.

price on request

Flying together
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